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African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrot is a very intelligent pet. Their origin is Africa, and there are two sub species of African Grey Parrots. The most popular one is “Congo African Grey” but there is one more, which is “Timneh African Grey“, so how could you tell which one you have? Well, it’s quite easy because Timneh African Greys beaks are not pure black, they have ivory colored beaks, the second distinguishing feature is that they have chestnut colored tails. You can see the comparison below

While Congo African Greys are more popular, this doesn’t mean Timnehs are not as talented. There is no scientific proof that they are less intelligent, but pet owners are reporting that Timneh African Greys are better pets, as they can be trained easier.

Where do they live in nature?

They live in rain forests, shores and in wide meadows. Their natural environment is Middle Africa and West Africa. The African Grey Parrots live in big flocks.

How long does an African Grey Parrot live?

An African Grey Parrot lives way longer than dogs and cats, so keep this in mind before owning one. You are going to get old together with your African Grey. While they can live up to 80 years in the wild, they will live about 50 years as a pet, you can improve this life-span time by giving your bird better care and foods.

What do they eat?

In the wild, they eat about anything they can find and they know what is dangerous and what is not. But as a pet, they will want to eat what you eat, because you are a part of his flock now.  You can give your African grey any fruits, some seeds and nuts. Please avoid those poisonous foods that contain milk, chocolate, onion and garlic!

General Information

Although they are big birds, they have very short tails compared to their body sizes. In general, the body is covered with gray colored feathers. Only the eye area is white and the tail part is red hair. There is no possibility of sex discrimination from their appearance. To find out this, DNA samples should be taken and a gender test should be done.

They have close ties to the person who loves them. Although not proven, it is said that parrots are more likely to be interested or close to humans, especially with the opposite sex. African Grey parrots are the most talkative birds among the common parrot species. They are also very intelligent and sensitive. They can learn hundreds of birds and mimic the sounds they hear around them.

It is very important that the owner takes good care of their African Grey parrots, when they feel the lack of love or get depressed, they will show it by plucking their feathers. Once they start doing that, it is very difficult to stop them.   The feathering characteristic is common in the African Gray Parrot. Discomfort, drowsiness, environmental conditions, nutritional imbalance can be the cause.

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