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Bird Toys – Why Do Parrots Need It?

Why are bird toys necessary for our birds and parrots? More importantly, what kind of bird toys do they need? If you go and look at the pet markets, you can see a variety of toys made of wood. The majority of these toys are meant to meet the chewing needs of your parrot. But are the toys that your parrot needs are just for “chewing”?

Parrots in their natural life are usually busy with finding food and water, and running away from enemies. All these activities require the use of intelligence, memory, earrings, physical abilities. They must use their mind to avoid enemies to find food and they need a strong memory to remember the location of the trees, the water and the hunter. They also need to keep their beaks strong to defend themselves and break the hard shells of the foods.

However, food and water are ready for our birds, there are no hunters around, and there is a person keep the plate full all the time. In this case, how and where will our parrot meet the instincts of using intelligence-memory-beak talents? That’s why we have to provide a space for our bird to fly and play with toys that keep their intelligence and memory high. So the main reason for buying a bird toy is not just for “chewing”.

What kind of bird toys do our parrots and bird need?

  • Chew toys; Parrots and birds need to bite. It helps them trimming their beaks and relieving stress.
  • Puzzle toys; So that they can use their intelligence.
  • Foraging Toys; This includes toys that are “locked” and toys that make bird’s job more difficult to get the food.
  • Gymnastic Toys; So that they can use their bodies, claws: ropes, swings, etc.


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Chew Toys

You can use any kind of wooden part provided it is from an harmless tree. Remember, especially African greens and Eclectus parrots are more intelligent, so they will prefer to play with “different” toys every week. So try giving different toys often. It doesn’t mean you need to buy different toys every week though, just give them one by one.

Puzzle toys

Hide the toys into toys, or use the colors and shapes to make them the kind of toys that can use their intelligence. Also electronic toys that are sold for little kids are this kind of toys.

Foraging toys:

It is very necessary for his psychological health to provide a similar environment for your parrot who is looking for food in his natural life with difficulty. Parrots need to “struggle” to eat. It is not good for you to put food ready for him. Of course, it is necessary to leave a small amount of food for the emergency situation in the food pot, but they must search for the main dish and eat it. You should slowly adapt your bird to it because your parrot has been far from its natural life, perhaps it has never seen it.

Gymnastics toys:

Cotton ropes, rings sold in sewing embroidery shops, linen ropes. These can be transformed into wonderful gymnastic toys. Rope braids, swings, bridges. It’s great to see your bird swaying like a bat. They are also essential for your health, as they allow your bird to move.

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